New Vision Napa Valley California Real Estate Virtual Tours

New Vision, your local Matterport service provider serving the Napa Valley and Walnut Creek areas for Residential and Commercial Real Estate 3D Photo tours.

Matterport Camera


The Camera used in creating 3D models has extremely high resolution.  A clean, uncluttered home devoid of personal affects gives the best results with this technology.   

We begin with a walk through of the premise before every photo shoot, paying special attention that everything is aesthetically pleasing doing minor adjustments to towels in bathrooms, pillows on couches and beds and adjusting any staged items that seem out of place.  

Processing the Scan

Upon completion of the shoot and finalizing all necessary scanning and preparation processes the images are sent for post production processing and then uploaded to the Matterport cloud for creating the 3D Model. The post production process can be completed within 24 to 48 hours.



New Vision and Matterport Process


Upon Completion, processing  you will be sent a Branded and unbranded link.   The branded link can be used on social media and websites that do not have strict branding requirements such as Facebook.   The unbranded link can be used on the MLS site or other sites like Zillow or Redfin that could have stricter branding requirements.  See the How to Use Instructions.  


Your delivery will not only include the website links, but the 3D model contains three unique view types.  

Dollhouse View

Show how the entire home fits together with Matterports proprietary Dollhouse View.

New3DVision Services

Inside View

Give buyers the feeling of actually walking through a home with Inside View.

New Vision-New3Dvision-Floorplanview

Floor Plan View

Understand layout in a snap with our top-down Floorplan View.